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The available opportunities around Gatwick airport are overwhelming. The airport is located 28 miles to the South of Central London, offering a perfect link to other airports, luxurious hotels and accommodation facilities. This destination offers a one-stop center for adventure, career development and vacation. The presence of high ranking minibus hire companies has made it easier for large groups of people to travel to and from the airport.

What makes Gatwick minibus hire the best?

  • Dedicated staff-we have highly invested in the selection of well-trained and experienced coach operators. Travelers are offered good guidelines by the staff, which ensures that people do not face any form of confusion during their trips.
  • High quality vehicles- our clients are assured of comfortable, well-maintained and luxurious buses to transport any number of individuals. Due to the great care and maintenance of vehicles, the likelihood of vehicles breaking down is nil.
  • Organized and timely service- we always ensure that our clients arrive on time by offering instant picking and dropping services. We have created a good platform on that enables our clients to book for services early.
  • Affordable prices- minibus hire in Gatwick airport has become very affordable for locals and international travelers. We offer subsidized services to all our clients, which has made us one of the best in the region.

Football matches

Go for a trip to one of the great teams in the world. You can take your friends or family to watch Arsenal or Tottenham football clubs in London as they begin their new season in the English Premier League. You will have lots of fun watching a live football match.

Visit a former World War one hospital in Kent

Going on a trip from Gatwick to Kent is interesting. This destination is historic for hosting the hospital where injured soldiers in the First World War used to be treated. Be part of the great Welkom Vriend exhibition that will mark the launch of the hospital. This exhibition has been running since 1st April and will end at the end of August.

Golden sand at Camden Beach

North London will provide golden sand at Roundhouse from 17th July to the end of August. There will be table tennis, beach huts, deck chairs, a bar and two pop-up restaurants for visitors to enjoy seafood. This is a great opportunity for people to hire a bus enjoy this great trip to the beach.

Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill carnival will be held on 30th and 31st August. This street party, which has been happening since 1960, is the biggest in Europe. The carnival has a Caribbean theme, but has an appeal that goes all the way to the West Indian community. You can consult Gatwick airport coach hire to ensure that you do not miss any part of the celebrations.

Outstanding features of Gatwick coaches

The buses have been customized to offer great comfort and luxurious conditions for the passengers. Each bus has good air conditioning, hot and cold beverages, and a clean toilet. Entertainment is also provided to ensure that the passengers never get bored during the journey. Each bus is fitted with a TV/DVD player, reclining seats, courier seat, free Wi-Fi and a high quality P.A system. The seats are fitted with quality safety belts to improve the safety of passengers.

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